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Wikispaces are Wiki pages that teachers can create for their students to edit. They can serve as a great classroom resource archive that students can continually access and edit.

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Wikispaces are free public Wikis that anyone can edit. They serve as great classroom learning resources.

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Innovation applications: Many

Wikispaces can be used by teachers to create learning and classroom resource archives. Students can edit Wikis whatever topics the teacher chooses, and these Wikis will be visible on the class Wikispace. Students can share their knowledge of certain topics, as well as edit and correct those of their fellow students. Teachers can monitor who has completed their editing because each time a student edits a Wiki, it shows on the page.

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Efficiency applications: Many

Instead of having to individually ask each student if they have completed their work, teachers can just check on each Wiki on the Wikispace to see if students have done their required editing. Teachers no longer need to ask students to submit everything in writing, because they can post questions on the class Wikispace and have students answer them by editing Wikis and inserting the answers. It accomplishes the task of getting homework done while updating each Wiki with the correct information.

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Community applications: Many

Wikispaces can be used to form learning commuunities within the classroom because students can share their areas of expertise through the Wikis they edit. Students can also work together to create accurate and informative Wikis for their classmates. Wikispaces also serve as an archive for students when they are unsure about a topic, because they can just click on that Wiki to gain access to the material they need.

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Teachers need to be proficient in using the Internet, as Wikispace is a website, and should have prior knowledge on how to edit and create their own Wikis so that they can properly instruct their students on how to do so.

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Wikispaces are similar to Wikis and discussion forums since each Wikispace has its own discussion area.

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Students and teachers should watch out for people outside the classroom who may incorrectly edit their Wikispace Wikis. Because all the Wikis on the Wikispace are visible to the public, anyone can edit them, so teacher need to make sure that these outside edits are appropriate and accurate.

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