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1. NJ standards addressed in the unit Edit


In this unit, we plan to address the following New Jersey Standards:

5.7.12 B. Energy TransformationsEdit

  1. Explain how the various forms of energy (heat, electricity, sound, light) move through materials and identify the factors that affect that movement.
  2. Explain that while energy can be transformed from one form to another, the total energy of a closed system is constant.
  3. Recognize that whenever mechanical energy is transformed, some heat is dissipated and is therefore unavailable for use.

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3. Prerequisite Edit

What students should know and have done before the start of the unit

4. Goals Edit


  • Learn the difference between vibrational motion and linear and circular motions
  • Learn the new vibrational quantities period and amplitude


  • Learn to write mathematical descriptions of position, velocity, and acceleration of a vibrating object as functions of time
  • Learn to write mathematical descriptions of the changing energy of a vibrational system

Procedural Edit

  • Be able to differentiate between a description and an explanation
  • Be able to read the kinematics graphs describing the vibrational motion of an object and extract information about the initial position, amplitude, and period of vibration
  • Be able to use motion diagrams, free body diagrams, and energy bar charts to describe and explain vibrational motion
  • Learn to control variables in the design of a testing experiment


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