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Vernier is a company that develops different types of products from hardware to software for educational purposes that are used to measure, analyze, monitor and learn about various domains in the classroom, research facility, labs of all sorts and hospital settings.Vernier prides itself on having developed a comprehensive collection of more than 50 sensors for use with computers, Palm handhelds, and calculators. The advantages of Vernier sensors include the low price, high quality, use with a variety of computer and calculator platforms, and support materials that provide for ease of use.

NOTE: All Vernier products are designed for educational use only. Our equipment is not designed or recommended for research or any apparatus involved with any industrial or commercial process such as life support, patient diagnosis, control of a manufacturing process, or industrial testing of any kind.

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This Technology provides a way to graph or chart data. Moreover it is mainly used in data collection and data analysis in educational purposes.

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analysis tool

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Vernier technology allows students to be effective collectors of data. Vernier probes also allows for more accurate storage and retrieval of data, while making life less cumbersome for the student doing field work. Vernier probes are light in weight and durable to be carried into the field setting, hence making the students and the classroom lesson mobile.

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Vernier probes can speed up the process during the learning periods and facilitate more clear data storage, organization and retrieval. The technology also enables the transmission of information faster than most conventional methods.

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Minimal technical proficiency is required as all tools come with instructions.

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The TI - graph calculator provides similar tools for data collection

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