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United Streaming is by Discovery Education and provides streamed video for class lessons.

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United Streaming

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Innovation applications: Teachers can find videos from television shows for use in the classroom

Teachers can use united streaming to find clips from tv shows that apply to their lesson for use in the classroom. This could be used to increase student engagement as it is interesting, relevant, and "real"

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Efficiency applications: Teachers can quickly locate relevant video without having to video tape them themselves or buy the entire show from the company.

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Community applications: Some

The Discovery website offers an Education Network with forums, blogs, and events so teachers can connect with other teachers and share news and ideas.

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Minimal; Teachers can easily search for clips on the website. What may be more challenging is feeding the video from the website onto a projector of some sort for the students to watch.

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Similar to buying or renting other educational videos from various companies, however, this is available immediately.

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Some of these videos may offer limited educational value.

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