Executive SummaryEdit

Ubuntu is an operating system that is free of charge. (What does this do and why might a teacher care?)

Ubuntu Edit

What is this? Edit

This technology is an operating system that includes applications such as word processing, e-mail, web server software, free security updates, and much more.

Platform Edit

linux application

Application in Innovation Edit

Innovation applications: many

Ubuntu might be applied by a teacher to increase engagement and learning opportunities through the use of applications to create presentations and using the internet server to create webpages, blogs, etc.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: many

This technology might be applied by a teacher to leverage effort and reduce overhead

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: many

The internet server allows a teacher to create webpages, use e-mail, create blogs to help in building connections in a learning community.

Required technical proficiency Edit

Ubuntu is easy to use with a simple installation.

Similar to / different from Edit

(Many educational technologies overlap in their applications. Are there any other technologies that provide similar applications? How do the features of this technology compare to those of similar or overlapping technologies?)

Limitations Edit

(Anything a teacher or student should watch out for?)

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[Ubuntu Home Page]

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