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The Smartboard aids in getting information across to students in a more typical format(a projector/computer connection) but has the added bonus of being able to move around in real time. Using the Smartboard screen, a teacher can conncect computer to websites to show extra information(videos used as observational experments) and also add in their own info with a special pen that comes with the Smartboard.

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This technology uses a projector connected to a computer to project data onto the "Smartboard", which can both project the exact computer images shown or can be used as a modified white board to highlight, underline or circle special data.

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A specialized screen for a specific projection mechanism.

Application in Innovation Edit

This could help teachers who want to show videos to the students while also being able to point out special features. A particularly good example of this is in a physics class to track motion per unit of time. If students can view a simulation or video where an object is moving, but no system of distance measurement is in place, they can track the motion and make rough estimates.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

This could be used as a means of efficiency by being able to put data into a single chart all at once. In many classes, when students work in groups, it is difficult for students to quickly share their information. With this technology, if all students are able to put information in a single sheet, they can see any differences in data easily and quickly.

Applications in Community Edit

With this technology, all students will be able to have the same information and can work as a group to describe information.

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It is a pretty basic technology. If a teacher can use a computer, they should be able to use this technology.

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The basic projector and computer set up, but a more intensely technological way to do it.

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There can be problems with the pens.

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