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Instructors can use this technology for video conferencing amongst students.

Skype Edit

What is this? Edit

Skype provides user to make phone calls over the internet. This service is free and does not come with a phone bill. Users can make phone calls with the use of a headset.

Platform Edit

This technology can be used for the Windows and Mac operating systems.

Application in Innovation Edit

Skype allows users to attach a voice to a webcam device.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

The technology allows users to converse virtually through the internet for free. Users can participate in online meetings with the use of this technology.

Applications in Community Edit

Besides using this technology for business purposes, Skype can allow users to keep in touch with family members overseas while avoiding a premium phone bill. Skype can create a community for the classroom through the application of a chat room.

Required technical proficiency Edit

Skype is user friendly and does not require professional expertise.

Similar to / different from Edit

The technology is similar to the original phone. Instead of using the phone line it uses the internet.

Limitations Edit

This technology only works with a working internet connections. This obstacle prevents it from being portable.

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