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This application consolidates a wealth of information on the elements and would be a fantastic resource for any chemistry teacher. Edit

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This technology provides a way to interpret and consolidate enormous amounts of information on the elements in a GUI format.

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Web Applet

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Innovation applications: Some

This is a great way to have a graphical representation of various information of the elements, however the information provided and the format it is used is very technical and should be used with caution.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: (Many)

This allows one place where a student or teacher can obtain comprehensive information on any element in the periodic table, this saves a lot of time going through a textbook or obscure web page.

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Community applications: (none)

Mainly as a reference resource. This technology can help to foster interest in students who find the periodic boring by using a very colorful and interactive tool.

Required technical proficiency Edit

None for actual browsing the website. However, a lot of technical proficiency is needed to interpret the information given.

Similar to / different from Edit

This program is very similar to an application found on many graphing calculators that provides similar information.

Limitations Edit

The website seems to obtain data from two sources (wikipedia and IUPAC), one should be careful to verify the information given if it is particularly uncommon information or seemingly wrong.

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