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A podcast is a set of audio and video media files that can be downloaded from the Internet and used on computers or portable media players. Teachers might care about what a podcast is because they can make lessons for their students available as podcasts.

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Podcasts are files that can be made available for download online, providing files in audio or video form for those who wish to watch or listen to them. They can be subscribed to and downloaded automatically.

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Podcasts are commonly listened to and viewed using portable media players, such as the iPod, but can be accessed on most computers.

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Innovation applications: (many, some, none)

(Describe how this technology might be applied by a teacher to increase engagement and learning opportunities)

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Efficiency applications: some

This technology can be used by a teachers to provide recorded lessons their students. A video presenting a topic, or a recorded lecture can be made available online for download by the students.

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Community applications: (many, some, none)

Teachers can use this technology to build connections in a learning community by allowing the students to make podcasts of projects they are working on for viewing by the other students.

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Teachers must be able to use a computer so that they can turn audio and video files into podcasts available to their students online.

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