Executive SummaryEdit is a free online photo editor. Edit

What is this? Edit

This technology provides way to upload images and edit them in your browser.

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Application in Innovation Edit

You could take photos of educational things and post them to class blogs.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: (many, some, none)

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Applications in Community Edit

You could post these images to class blogs, which would help with learning communities, because blogs help with them.

Required technical proficiency Edit

It is really simple to crop images, but getting them to upload to other sites like FaceBook or blogs can be kind of confusing, but if you follow the instructions on the pixlr site you should not have any trouble.

Similar to / different from Edit

similar to Flickr and Photobucket

Limitations Edit

none, just you need a flash plug-in, but you can download the application on the website.

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