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Photoshop is a photo editing software that can alter or enhance photos in a professional looking way. Teachers could use this program to create cheap, yet professional looking posters.

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Photoshop is a photo editing software created by the Adobe Systems company. Users have the ability to add effects, enhance, and alter images.

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The software is available for use on the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Application in Innovation Edit

While it is used mostly for aesthetic purposes, this software can accommodate any instructor who needs to utilize photo editing. Art teachers as well as computer teachers can fully utilize this software with the use of online tutorials and many more.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

For website building, personally taken images can be prepped for HTML usage.

Applications in Community Edit

Many forums all across the internet provide personal insight on Photoshop and other Adobe software.

Required technical proficiency Edit

While this application can be intimidating at first, the internet provides many different tutorial and resource materials. A lot of practice is needed.

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Photoshop is an advanced version of Windows' paint application.

Limitations Edit

Like any other creative property found on the internet, students and teachers should avoid using and publishing copyrighted material.

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Photoshop Webpage

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