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NASA Worldwind is a Windows program which displays a virtual globe developed by NASA for use on personal computers. The program allows the user to zoom from space view to Earth ground.The images are realistic and provides realism in 3D if one were there.

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This application provides 3D images of the earth by NASA technology to provide realism. Provides many features like World wind, NASA SVS, Math Trax, Virtual Lab, Whats difference, and Planets.

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Windows PC application

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Innovation applications: (some)

This technology can be used as an efficient way to view parts of the world, without using the outdated technology of the globe. This can also be used to teach students about the many interesting aspects about the planet.

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Efficiency applications: (many)

This technology can be used as an efficient way to explore the world.

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Community applications: (many)

This technology can be used by everyone, and is a great way to explore the world and thus exploring the community.

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General computer skills

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This technology is similar to Google Earth. It varies from Google Earth because it has many more features.

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Software would occasionally need to be updated.

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