Learning Objectives:Edit

Cell Theory:Edit

  • Cells come from other cells- It provides a start-point for mitosis. This is the broad concept we will be addressing, and will be broken down under the heading ‘Mitosis’.
  • All organisms are made up of cells- This is an umbrella for the concept that cells are the basic units of life. This establishes the students can differentiate between living things and non-living things. It also brings into scope the concept of a cell.
    • Cell are basics unit of life
    • All cells come from other cells


  • The reasons and antagonists that cause cell division- This concept gives a real world application to the topic. It provides the ‘why?’ for students to understand the purpose of learning this information.
    • Damage
    • Old age
    • Mutation
  • Cell cycle
    • Brief overview of the order and what happens in the cell cycle before and after mitosis. (S, G1, G2)
    • The Stages of Mitosis (IPMAT) and it’s place in the cell cycle
    • Structures and their functions used to divide in Mitosis (spindle fibers, centrioles, chromosomes)
    • The result of mitosis is two identical cells
  • The purpose of chromosomes
    • their significance to the cell and relation to genes and DNA. (DNA→genes→chromosomes)
    • how they are manipulated in IPMAT stages prior to division.
    • That they are duplicated
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