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Mathway is a free tutor online service which will resolve users’ mathematics problems based on users’ stated problem. The categories of math users can choose from is “Basic Maths”, “Pre-Algebra”, “Algebra”, “Trigonometry”, “Precalculus”, and “Calculus”. This is a user friendly program to help assist student, parents, and teachers with math.

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Mathway provides a free service to resolve math problems too difficult for individuals to solve on their own.

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The platform is through a website

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This innovation can be applied to the classroom because students are able to get the results of a math problem if they get stumped. Students are not lead directly to the answer. Instead they are shown how to get it step by step, so they can learn the process used to solve a problem.

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This application can be efficient for teachers because it will reduce the amount of help required by students.

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This is not a community building technology, so teachers will have difficulty building a community through this website. This is an individual user website directed towards answers.

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The required technical proficiency is minimal. You need to be computer-literate because Mathway is user-friendly website.

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Not known yet

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Students will not be able to get help with advanced mathematics, because the website provides help only for math courses typically taken prior to college.

This website takes offense to "sin e" if you do not put a space between "sin" and "e".

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