Executive SummaryEdit

KompoZer is an open source webpage editor. It allows people to easily create webpages without using HTML or web coding and it has a What You See is What You Get Format.

KompoZer Edit

What is this? Edit

This Technology provides a way to create a webpage.

Platform Edit

Desktop Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh

Application in Innovation Edit

This is innovative because it allows people to create their own webpages and it has many helpful features.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

A teacher could use this application to efficiently organize assignments on a class website.

Applications in Community Edit

By creating a class website, teachers can create an online learning community. Students and parents could use the site to find information about homework and classnotes.

Required technical proficiency Edit

KompoZer claims that only basic computer skills are needed to use the technology.

Similar to / different from Edit

There are other applications that allow you to create your own webpage but KompoZer is different in that you need to download the software.

Limitations Edit

There are no limitations that I am aware of at this time. But it seems like it might be more complex than other ways of creating a webpage.

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Kompozer is based on Gecko which a layout engine inside Mozilla.

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