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InkScape is an open-vector graphics editor, similar to Photoshop, that is mainly used for designing various projects.

InkScape Edit

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This Technology provides a way to design web graphics, technical diagrams, icons, creative art, logos, maps, and much more.

Platform Edit

Binary packages for Linux, Windows 2000/2003/XP (fully self-contained installer), and OSX (dmg package). Inkscape is successfully used on FreeBSD and other Unix-like operating systems.

Application in Innovation Edit

Innovation applications: many

This program is better used for Landscape Architecht or Graphic Design classes. The creativity that can exude from this program for these classes is tremendous.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: none

In an educational environment, this program does not really provide efficiency. It should be used as a tool for projects that require design or some sort of creative drawing. Other than that, it is not neccessary to utilize.

Required technical proficiency Edit

The teacher would need some basic knowledge in programs such as Photoshop. The tools that are being used by InkScape are very similar. If the teacher is moderately proficient in PhotoShop, they will be able to figure out InkScape with ease.

Similar to / different from Edit

This is similar to programs such as Sketchup and Photoshop.

Limitations Edit

In order to scale or rotate groups of nodes, the user must use the keyboard. This option cannot be done by using a mouse yet.

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