Michelle is one of the groups’ ecology experts and is widely known for her creativity. Steven is the other ecology expert and in his free time he enjoys proofreading. Natasa has an extensive background in plant life; she will be named our plant expert. Amanda is the most technologically advanced group member who will also be our moral support when things get rough. Nadine is organized and efficient and will keep the group on task.


Communication is an important component of efficient group work. It allows every group member to be up-to-date, focused and treated as an equal. Proper communication includes respect for one another, and their opinions. In order for our group to work effectively toward our final design we need understand and honor our responsibilities in regard to assignments and communication. If there is a problem with certain aspects of the group, whether it is one member or a topic, it must be discussed, addressed, and fixed immediately. To be an efficient group we must be willing to work hard, submit assignments on time, and communicate extensively on the topics and with each other.

Rules of ConductEdit

-Check email at least twice a day (am, pm)
-Email individual work to Nadine [] by Saturday 12pm
-Extra group meeting will take place Monday after class and/or Wednesday after Demonstration and Technology for Science Education
-If you are going to be missing something (class, group meeting, etc), you must inform the entire group with as much leeway as possible


If a group member does not abide by these 4 easy rules, they must stand in front of the class on Monday, admit what they have done and give a group apology, while wearing a t-shirt that says, “I am UNRELIABLE”. The t-shirt must also be worn for Demonstration and Technology for Science Education, for the ENTIRE three hours.

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