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FreeMind can be used to create organized diagrams that represent ideas. They can be used by teachers to clarify concepts, processes, and their connections and can be used by students to study or organize their ideas.

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FreeMind is a free service that creates mind maps, diagrams that present connections between key ideas and concepts.

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Java application

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Mind maps can be used in student note taking and studying. It is much more free in form than traditional notes or concept maps, allowing students to make connections in a way that makes sense to them.

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Students can be more effective in remembering their learning if they create mind maps.

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Community applications: (many, some, none)

This doesn't have many community applications. Mind maps are most effective to the user who creates them.

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This requires creativity and deep understanding of an idea or process.

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FreeMind is similar to Pimki and WikkaWiki.

Limitations Edit

Teachers should watch out for students who rush through mind map assignments or who are not expressive enough in their thoughts.

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