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Foldit is an online game, developed by University of Washington protein scientist David Baker that allows the user to play with protein structure. A teacher who is presenting a series of lessons on protein structure and function would find this useful,as it gives the students the opportunity to understand the significance of protein sturcture as it relates to function.

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This Technology provides a way to graph or chart data.

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Innovation applications: some

Foldit engages students by allowing them to make changes to protein sructure and observe the results.

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Efficiency applications: many

Foldit relieves the instructor of the burden of providing examples and puts the creativity in the hands of the students.

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Community applications: some

Learning connections can be made as students can compare their configurations with each other, thus learning about similiarities and differences in protein structures.

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Foldit is simple enough for any classroom teacher to use.

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(Many educational technologies overlap in their applications. Are there any other technologies that provide similar applications? How do the features of this technology compare to those of similar or overlapping technologies?)

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Foldit can be addictive.

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