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These are a series of java applets that are useful for subjects like physics, engineering, chemistry, and math.

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This Technology provides a way to graph or chart data. There are a number of seperate applets to aid in demonstration of oscillations and waves, acoustics, signal processing, electricity & magnitism, electro dynamics, quantum mechanics, and many others.

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web applet

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This technology aids in engagement by allowing the students to view the demonstrations from home or anywhere with a computer. It will help students when the teacher is busy or if they need more help.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

The teacher can use this very effectively during review classes, to allow each student to go over what they actually need individually, while the teacher is free to walk around and help students who need further help.

Applications in Community Edit

This can be externalized to the department as a whole, and the applets can be loaded onto lab computers so that any student in the department can access it.

Required technical proficiency Edit

This technology requires minimal technical proficiency to use, especially if all the plug-ins required to view them are pre-installed on the user's computer.

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These applets are similar to programs you might find included in a text book cd. Also has similarities to some 3-D spatial relations editors.

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No limitations are really present, so long as you have the proper java applets installed.

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Please see main website:

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