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Facebook is a extremely popular networking website for the current generation and provides a direct link to students allowing for quick exchange of ideas and information.

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Facebook allows a person to create an account which would then allow them access to their own profile. Through this profile and friends, this person can begin to acquire friends (network) and link to people in a relatively safe and easy to use environment. It is possible to add outside applications and invite friends to create more networking possibilities.

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Innovation applications: (Some)

Facebook, which many students already have, would be a great resource in being able to contact students and keep them informed of various pertinent information.

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Efficiency applications: (Some)

Facebook provides a consolidated source of information on students and can be used as a resource as an informal class roster and communication medium better than e-mail.

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Community applications: (Many)

Extremely valuable in creating community between students. Students can join groups created by the instructor according to class and collaborate together on projects and exchange information easily and quickly online when not in school.

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Basic skills similar to managing a blog and web page navigation are needed.

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This is very similar to blogs, however it is much more personal than that as students can have a lot of personal information out in the open that might not be place in a classroom blog.

Limitations Edit

Abuse of Facebook by students and harassment could be an issue. An instructor should be highly aware of inter-student and student-teacher communication should it ever become inappropriate. An instructor should be very careful regarding privacy and usage issues and should tell the parents ahead of time if applicable. In addition, instructors must be aware of certain liability issues that may arise from information they access or have the ability to access.

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