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Edutopia is the magazine, website, and video documentaries dedicated to developing pedagogy and technology together in hopes for current day teachers and educations to play "catch-up" with all the technological resources that have become available in recent times.

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Actually created originally as a vision by George Lucas, Edutopia is a result of the George Lucas Educational Foundation in their efforts to better current educators.

Edutopia and it's components is the result of the organizations efforts to provide technology equally and freely to all who can take advantage of it, not simply to certain privileged groups or individuals.

It is a combined and community effort of both implementation, advice, and success stories of technology.

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Website and publications.

Edutopia is a mixed resource mostly being web-based with multimedia enhancements, but also as a published magazine.

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Innovation applications: (Many)

Using Edutopia as a resource, a teacher can find many interactive/unique lessons and resources to better teach students and manage their classrooms.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: (Many)

Using Edutopia as a source for advice in classroom management, one can find better ways to manage grades/lessons which would improve classroom efficiency.

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Community applications: (Many)

While not a webpage or resource for building a community among your students, the entire website is based on community among fellow teachers/educators. The success story/lesson/research of one teacher is published and made available on the website for the benefit of all others. The community created by this website could be invaluable to a novice teacher looking for help in all areas of the classroom.

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Any novice to computer technology is sufficient. As long as the person using Edutopia is able to access and navigate a web page then they can take advantage of this resource.

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This is similar to a wiki page however the intended application for Edutopia is specifically by teachers/educators for teachers/educators.

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One should realize that while Edutopia is a wonderful resource for a beginning teacher, one should not use it as a sole resource as it is very important to have contrasting cases.

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