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When using Powerpoint you are able to add an array of visual symbols and formatting tools to complement other elements in your slides by using the drawing toolbar. Drawing with Powerpoint is a very useful tool that you can easily change and apply the style of the objects in your Powerpoint presentation. By using the Drawing toolbar in Powerpoint, you can add an object such as a shape or a picture and then change the way that object looks.

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This technology uses the drawing toolbar in Powerpoint to add symbols or shapes to your presentation. It is used to make illustrations.

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Microsoft Office's Powerpoint or any other Presentation Programs, such as Open Office or Google Presentations.

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Innovation applications: Some

To encourage engagement in Powerpoint presentations you could add shapes to highlight important aspects of your presentation. You could also make flowcharts, diagrams and use arrows to create interesting and more engaging presentations. You can make animated texts.

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Efficiency applications: Many

Drawing with Powerpoint is very easy to do and requires very simple steps to do so. Power point is easy use because it has many user friendly features.

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: some

This would be helpful for art students to create fantasy projects.

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Some knowledge of Microsoft Powerpoint or other presentation programs.

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Any other drawing toolbar in either Microsoft Word or Paint is similar to this. However the drawing toolbar in Powerpoint or other presentation programs is specific to drawing and adding symbols to presentations.

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