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Provides teachers and students to model based activities involving biotechnology and nanotechnology. This is a great reference for teachers to brush up on their knowledge and for advanced students to learn complex, college level topics.

Concord Consortium Molecularr Literacy Project Edit

What is this? Edit

This Technology provides a way to learn topics in molecular biology and biotechnology.

Platform Edit

I think it is good for all platforms but I can't find information on it.

Application in Innovation Edit

Innovation applications: Not too many for high school students but very useful in learning college level topics.

This technology would increase engagement because it provides students with electronic activities that will reinforce what was taught in lecture.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: Many

Students can use their own time to go over topics they did not understand in class and do not need a teacher to walk them through every topic during office hours.

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: None

These are meant to be individual exercises.

Required technical proficiency Edit

This program is very easy to use but the teacher needs to be proficient in computers.

Similar to / different from Edit

I have never seen anything like this before for such complex topics.

Limitations Edit

This is for advanced students only!

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The best place to find information is on the website above.

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