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Blogger is a blog publishing system. It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Although its website is, the blogs it hosts are all subdomains of As part of the Blogger redesign in 2006, all blogs associated with a user's Google Account were migrated to Google servers. Blogger claims that the service is now more reliable because of the quality of the servers. Along with the migration to Google servers, several new features were introduced, including label organization, a drag-and-drop template editing interface, reading permissions (to create private blogs) and new Web feed options. Furthermore, blogs are updated dynamically, as opposed to rewriting HTML files. The Google Toolbar has a feature called "BlogThis!" which allows toolbar users with Blogger accounts to post links directly to their blogs. "Blogger for Word" is a free add-in for Microsoft Word. This add-in allows users to save a Microsoft Word Document directly to a Blogger blog, as well as edit their posts both on- and offline. Blogger offers multiple author support, making it possible to establish group blogs. Blogger offers a template editing feature, which allows users to customize the Blogger template.

Teachers would be interested in this technology because it is free and easy to sign up. could be used to create a class webpage and and online learning community. Edit

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This Technology allows people to create their own blogs for free. People can also upload photos on their pages.

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Website and blog template

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There are many applications to use Teachers might like to have their students create their own blogs for free.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Students could create their own blogs for reflections. They could also easily comment on entries that were made by other students. Teachers could use to create a class website as well.

Applications in Community Edit could create an online learning community so that all of the students and the teacher could have access to and share information.

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Only a basic level of computer skills is needed because the instructions are provided on the website. They also have templates that are provided.

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It appears to be similar to and other blog site. But it appears to be closely linked to Microsoft and Google and can be integrated into other programs and software.

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Teachers should be careful because students should not post personal information in their blogs.

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People can post comments from their mobile phone.

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