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This is an all-purpose community organization and communication resources, with a small learning curve and a high price. Worth trying if you're teaching in an expensive district.

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Backpack is a web-based service that makes organizing your information incredibly easy. Backpack lets you make pages which can contain any combination of notes, to-dos, images, files, etc. You can keep these pages to yourself or share them with colleagues, co-workers, friends, or family.

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Website, Intranet

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Innovation applications: Some

A teacher may be able to use this as a page to organize all information for their class and put all class resources in an easy location for their students.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: Many

Backpack allows teachers to put all of their information in one central location and share this information with other co-workers. Files, Notes, Emails, etc. are in one easy location.

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: Many

Teachers can use backpack to share files, data, and ideas with other teachers in their school or district.

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Backpack appears to be fairly user friendly.

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In the sense that it has different ways of communication within a group of users, it is like Google Apps with more functionality.

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