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This technology is a device that can hold a high capacity of songs, video, photos, TV shows, games, podcasts, and audiobooks. Teachers may be interested in this type of technology because it may involve students downloading podcasts of the lecture and be able to listen to the lesson on his/her own iPod

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This Technology provides a way for students to possibly obtain lectures or notes onto the iPod.

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Innovation applications:

This technology will definitely increase student learning because it gives the student the ability to listen to the lecture at his/her own pace.

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Efficiency applications:

(Describe how this technology might be applied by a teacher to leverage effort and reduce overhead) This technology may be used by a teacher to leverage effort and reduce overhead because it allows the teacher to engage in any sort of discussion, rather than slowly going through material, because students will be able to obtain the lecture on the iPod.

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Community applications: none

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Teachers need the software for the iPod to use any of the applications.

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